Guaranteed Content
Calcium 12%
Boron 0.4%

Calcium and boron are two nutrients that work well together for better nutrient uptake, health and growth in plants.


  • MATECAL B is a calcium supplement for plants, supported by boron in a complex structure for effectiveness.
  • Calcium and boron are synergetic nutrients which work well together.
  • Calcium and boron improves cell wall formation resulting in structural strength and higher resistance to disease.
  • While boron improves reproductive systems like pollination and fruit set, calcium improves fruit quality and storage life.

MATECAL B combines Calcium and Boron complex in a stable and powerful liquid fertilizer. Rapid absorption and efficiency of MATECAL B improves produce quality and durability while helping achieve higher yields.
200ml to 400ml/acre as spray on foliage 1L./acre as drip irrigation.