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(*8% Boron Solution)

Guaranteed Content
Soluble Boron 8%

Boromate is 100% soluble liquid formulation for correcting boron deficiency and improving pollination. Boromate combined with sugar to from sugar borate complex (ionisable) that is translocated easily &efficiently than non-borated Non ionisable sugar molecule due to increased respiration.
Boromate helps in transporting sugar & nutrients from leaves to fruits buds.

  • Improves blooming, pollination, fertilization &seed development
  • Improves sugar contents in fruit crops.
  • Improves seed germination viability.
  • Reverses boron deficiency.
  • Boron in form of potassium tetra borate is effective in controlling Botrytis spp in grape fruits.
  • Strongly inhibits spore germination & mycelia spread thereby controlling fungus and it disrupts fungal cell membrane.
  • Improves fruits surface &minimizes skin cracking.


  • Foliar application at 100ml-250ml /acre per application at flower initiation and fruit development stages.
  • Drip irrigation 500ml/acre.