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BONANZA is a special formulation of mixture of BOON (containing natural plant extract of Japanese Cedar, Cypress, Plantains and Pines) and HU-MATE (containing Humic + Fulvic acid, liquid potash and natural organic matter) refined from leonardite. BONANZA-FA has all vital micro elements and natural saponins, phenols, Phytosterols and Alkaloids. BONANZA is non toxic, non hazardous, incombustible and safe product.

BONANZA Contents: Approx 40 naturally occurring micro elements + Saponins + phenols + Phytosterol + Humic+Fulvic acid 23% + K2O 3% + Organic Mass 10%.

Advantages: 1) Improves health and vigour of plants, soil and roots 2) strengthens the immune system and impart resistance against phytopathogens. 3) Strong anti lodging effects. 4) Increases number of tillers, profuse flowering. 5) Minimizes fruit drop, improves colour, shape and size of fruits. 6) Increase in sugar contents and balances sugar acid ratio. 7) High quality increased yield. 8) Prolonged post harvest shelf life / keeping quality. 9) Adds carbonic matter in the soil. 10) Suitable for drip irrigation.